Little Man Turns One

This sweet little man is my grandson – the only one so far. He is happy, active, affectionate, and so much fun to be with.
His mommy and daddy and I had a wonderful time making these photographs – he was such a charmer.
untitled (119 of 146) untitled (139 of 146) untitled (112 of 146) untitled (94 of 146) untitled (93 of 146)

untitled (100 of 146)

Love you Little Man

Hang on the Wall

My husband and I love to take little 2-3 day trips together. We usually take lots of cameras to capture the beauty that surrounds us. These are the times I like to experiment with different photographic techniques/ lighting/equipment – with some interesting results. Unfortunately these pictures are never seen by anyone but us once they are downloaded onto the computer. These are the shots I would hang on my walls if I had unlimited wall-space. Sooo, just for fun here are some of my favorites from our last three trips

Experiments in Infrared – Colorado

.Colorado - infrared-2 Colorado - infrared-3 Colorado - infrared-4  Colorado - infrared-8 Colorado - infrared-9Colorado - infrared-7

Olympic National Park – Washington

Olympic Natnl ParkOlympic Natnl Park-4Olympic Natnl Park-3Olympic Natnl Park-5Olympic Natnl Park-2

Shelter Cove – Humboldt County, California

 Shelter Cove-2 Shelter Cove-3 Shelter Cove-5 Shelter Cove-7

Building a website is difficult. Building one by yourself is even worse. I don’t like having to maintain a website. Don’t get me wrong – I had one in the past for almost 4 years. In that 4 years I had a total of 29 hits. It was a little pricey too, so for a while now I have not had a website.
That changed when I applied for a position as a volunteer photographer to a benefit organization. My application was denied, and the stand-out reason was that my business didn’t have enough “web-presence”.
Guess it’s time to fix that. So the last few weeks have been spent beefing up my “brand” to include a revised logo, a consistent background pattern and font, business cards , even re-editing some of my older work to be more trendy.
It’s such a slow process and I’m sure there will be some more alterations, but I feel like it is on the right track. The website is published, but only so I’ll have somewhere for people to look when they get a business card. Much polish still needed.
Let me know what you thing of the slightly new look.

Smiles, Nancy

Families are Forever


Every once in awhile I have the opportunity to photograph adults whom I have known as teens. In years past I have had contact with three of these sisters. It’s so wonderful

to see them as adults, married, and beginning their own families.

This big family was so much fun to work with – the love they have for each other was

just radiating from out of their smiles – and I could tell Mom and Dad were the

heart of all the fun.

They are a bunch of jokers too. untitled (9 of 11)untitled (10 of 11) untitled (7 of 11) untitled (6 of 11) untitled (4 of 11) untitled (3 of 11) Families

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

Every year our son plays Little League baseball. He is a good player – pitching as well as playing any infield or outfield position he is asked. Every year there is usually one practice and two games a week, and the baseball schedule wreaks havoc on the family schedule. So every year, about the end of April I begin to think “mmm, maybe next year we can take a break.”

This year, however, was a little different. Not only did he pitch, but he was the best pitcher on the team. He was able to try catching – and loved it. His team-mates called him “Pigpen” because of his tendency to get down and dirty when he was catching and come up surrounded by a cloud of dust and dirt. His team ranked third in the league by the time play-offs came around, so he enjoyed a winning season.

The best part about this season for our big guy, though, was that his DAD was a coach for his team.

T is ten years old and our only son. We have six daughters ranging in age from 7 to 30, but T stands alone with his dad to balance the estrogen vs. testosterone harmony in our family. Having his dad coach his Little League team was the epitome of wonderfulness for our little man. He adores his dad and follows him around like a puppy dog when he is home.

Now that playoffs are played and the season is officially over (finally) life is beginning to take on a much more mellow and placid routine – well, not really, but almost.

T’s favorite summer pass-time? Throwing balls at the pitch-back, or even better, playing catch with his dad. As he said a few weeks ago – “baseball is my LIFE !”

What could be better for a kid than doing his favorite thing with his favorite person.

.Foskett-9bball-23 Foskett-13bball-24

Guess we won’t be taking a break from baseball any time soon.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all you dads out there

Beautiful Senior

My lovely 5th daughter Andie is a high school senior this year, so we took the opportunity to try out a new location. Surprisingly it was very quiet and felt secluded, even though it was right next to the freeway. The trees were just starting to bloom, and the grass/weeds were a beautiful green – there was even a little old cabin for some interest.

We just drove by there yesterday and were both glad we got her shoot done when we did – it is now brown and dry-looking.

I will definitely use this location next spring.


How many kids can say they shared their senior pictures with a bunch of sheep?

What do you think? untitled-6 untitled-1 untitled-2 untitled-3

Forever Loves.

One of the most amazing couples to photograph. I enjoyed basking in the love and tenderness they so obviously felt for each other. Congratulations Crystal and Jordan.

sneak peek-7-2sneak peek-1   sneak peek-6 Crystal and Jordan-60 Crystal and Jordan-115 Crystal and Jordan-120 Crystal and Jordan-140 Crystal and Jordan-129 Crystal and Jordan-128 Crystal and Jordan-176

   “The happy State of Matrimony is, undoubtedly, the surest and most lasting Foundation of Comfort and Love . . .

the Cause of all good Order in the World.”

-Benjamin Franklin