Hang on the Wall

My husband and I love to take little 2-3 day trips together. We usually take lots of cameras to capture the beauty that surrounds us. These are the times I like to experiment with different photographic techniques/ lighting/equipment – with some interesting results. Unfortunately these pictures are never seen by anyone but us once they are downloaded onto the computer. These are the shots I would hang on my walls if I had unlimited wall-space. Sooo, just for fun here are some of my favorites from our last three trips

Experiments in Infrared – Colorado

.Colorado - infrared-2 Colorado - infrared-3 Colorado - infrared-4  Colorado - infrared-8 Colorado - infrared-9Colorado - infrared-7

Olympic National Park – Washington

Olympic Natnl ParkOlympic Natnl Park-4Olympic Natnl Park-3Olympic Natnl Park-5Olympic Natnl Park-2

Shelter Cove – Humboldt County, California

 Shelter Cove-2 Shelter Cove-3 Shelter Cove-5 Shelter Cove-7

Building a website is difficult. Building one by yourself is even worse. I don’t like having to maintain a website. Don’t get me wrong – I had one in the past for almost 4 years. In that 4 years I had a total of 29 hits. It was a little pricey too, so for a while now I have not had a website.
That changed when I applied for a position as a volunteer photographer to a benefit organization. My application was denied, and the stand-out reason was that my business didn’t have enough “web-presence”.
Guess it’s time to fix that. So the last few weeks have been spent beefing up my “brand” to include a revised logo, a consistent background pattern and font, business cards , even re-editing some of my older work to be more trendy.
It’s such a slow process and I’m sure there will be some more alterations, but I feel like it is on the right track. The website is published, but only so I’ll have somewhere for people to look when they get a business card. Much polish still needed.
Let me know what you thing of the slightly new look.

Smiles, Nancy